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About Us

We provide integrated FTZ solutions and bonded warehousing services
for both domestic and international clients.


Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #271, or the Illinois International Trade Centers, was approved by the US Department of Commerce. It is located near Chicago and serves the midwest. The site has approximately 3,000 acres of developable land and over one million sq. ft. of existing warehouse (including bonded warehouse) and manufacturing space waiting to serve your needs.

Why FTZ#271

Close to Chicago, the largest US inland port and logistics hub, FTZ#271 is one of Illinois’s most important assets for trading and manufacturing companies, as well as firms seeking public and bonded warehousing. FTZ#271 serves you by maximizing import/export efficiencies while minimizing the associated costs.

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What Is Foreign Trade Zone

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ), also called Free Duty Zones in some countries, are secured locations designated by the US Department of Commerce. FTZs are usually located near the Port of …